Rafael Molina is the founder of Graham For Europe, a network connecting the Graham professionals in Europe. The online platform lists all the teachers and classes in Europeans countries and features relevant and inspiring content about the technique, the teaching process and Graham-based opportunities. The projects aims to connect this community and foster collaboration: master classes, workshops, conferences, exchanges.

Rafael Molina is involved in sharing the legacy of Graham and American modern dance as a whole. He coordinates the Tecniche di danza moderna program in Paris.

Rafael Molina co-founded the Graham / ActDance Posture dance program along with Marie-Christine Devineau, health therapist for artists. Through Graham movement vocabulary, participants explore their singularities as individuals/bodies/artists, in order to unlock possibilities for artistic interpretation. The Graham technique allows to return to movement basics to allow our art to be at the service of freedom, and expressiveness. This program’s work includes the fundamentals of geometry in space, mind posture, and interpretation as well as encouraging the physical, psychic, and emotional re-alignment of the artist.

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